Prenups, cohabs, and relationship planning from women who know about law, for women who know about love.

We believe in love.

We are lawyers with tender hearts and one goal: to empower you with the information and solutions you need to plan for some of the what-ifs that come with life and relationships. Our Love & Real Life process makes the experience of getting a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement a whole lot easier.

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You are entering into the biggest financial contract of your life. Our process empowers you with knowledge of the “rules” so you can decide if they work for you and, if not, design a new plan.

Prenups have a bad rap.

We offer flat fee services and products designed to help you navigate the emotional, financial, and legal issues that come up when you plan a prenup or cohab. We believe that love and relationship planning can go together.

You only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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Some things are great alone but even better together — and better together is how it has always been with us.

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