Our Story

Erin and Ashley met in law school during a night class in the basement of the library where they connected over a love of the human experience, a tenderness for “realness,” and the desire to find authenticity and integrity in law. They bonded over Mission-style burritos and heartache, which has culminated in a gripping, deep-seated friendship that has grown over almost 20 years.

After practicing individually in family law, they came together under the Levine Family Law Group and have helped countless couples transition out of marriage or relationship in the last 15 years. Erin and Ashley are both Certified Family Law Specialists — which means they have passed peer review, experience requirements and a specialized exam in family law. Both have been repeatedly selected as Super Lawyers. Using their knowledge and experience in the divorce process, Erin and Ashley have created Love & Real Life to help women avoid those uncertainties and unknowns.

Love & Real Life revolutionizes the concept of and the conversation around relationship agreements — so that women can stand firmly in their strength and be empowered to live their very best life.

About Ashley

Ashley is a problem solver and creative thinker. Always a bit of a “black sheep,” she enjoys looking at the world with a curious, critical and feminist eye.  After 15 years as a family law attorney, she has moved her legal practice out of family law litigation and into mediation, legal coaching and marital agreements. She has completed two 40-hour mediation trainings including one through Harvard Negotiation Institute. She is a proponent of using marital planning to build consensus and collaboration in relationship and create a foundation for healthy communication.

About Erin

Erin is a legal tech innovator, entrepreneur and Certified Family Law Specialist. She is the managing attorney of Levine Family Law Group and Founder and CEO of Hello Divorce, an online divorce service that provides legal help and wellness support. Through her work as a divorce attorney, Erin learned what not to do in relationship and applied that knowledge to create tools couples can employ to live in the present – keeping their love and connection alive and well. Erin’s commitment to modernizing the antiquated legal profession has won her numerous awards including the Reisman Award for legal innovation (Clio), Fastcase50 Honoree, Grand Prize Winner of Duke Law’s Legal Tech Accelerator and ABA’s 2019 “Women in Legal Tech.”  She continues to garner media attention from the legal industry and beyond. Recent features include Forbes, Brit + Co, Mind Body Green, Entrepreneur and Ozy.