Is having the conversation with your partner about a prenup or cohab tough? Yes.

Can it be empowering and collaborative? We think so. That is why we started Love & Real Life. To revolutionize the way couples think about and approach relationship or marital planning. Our process doesn’t just honor where you have been, it celebrates where you are heading (together!)

So, you are in love. (hooray!)

You are a savvy, fierce woman with your own life plan and way of walking through this world. And now you’ve found your match.

Maybe the two of you are buying a house or growing a baby bump. Or maybe you are getting married and are busy picking a dress and planning a honeymoon. But don’t forget, you are entering into the biggest financial contract of your life.

Our L&RL process provides:

  • The default legal rules that apply to you
  • Tools to help you and your partner discuss and craft terms
  • Ideas for structuring your own rules based on your goals and values
  • Preparation of your prenuptial or cohabitation agreement
  • Personalized advice to determine if a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement is right for you
  • One-on-one heart-centered legal support throughout the process

Take our one-minute quiz to see if a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement makes sense for you.

What is a premarital agreement?

A premarital agreement (or “prenup”) is a contract that couples can enter into before marriage that defines property, assets or debts that exist before marriage, addresses how finances will be handled during marriage and can anticipate (and protect against) some of the “what-ifs” that come with relationships.

There are laws in each state that define how property, income, inheritance, student loan obligations and other financial issues are handled in the event a marriage ends. By knowing the rules of your state and having conversations with your significant other before marriage, you can create a positive discussion around financial issues during your marriage and protect create a set of “rules” that reflects that way you two live your (financial) lives. We are here to support you (and your partner) in embarking on this new chapter of your life with a full and open heart and a solid foundation.

What is a cohabitation agreement?

Some couples decide that marriage is not right for them (or not right for them yet) but still live together, have children, buy a home and make joint financial decisions. A cohabitation agreement (or “cohab”) is a contract that couples can use to define financial structures, responsibilities and agreements that will apply to their relationship.

If the relationship ends, the contract provides structure for how financial obligations, real property division and other assets and liabilities will be addressed. Without a cohabitation agreement many non-married couples are left with unclear and challenging legal options. We are here to encourage you and your partner to embark on your life together with a plan that protects both of you and can help avoid conflict in the future.

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